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Cookies are pieces of data that are often created when you visit a website, and which are stored in the cookie directory of your computer. Many websites use cookies to “remember” information about you. A cookie is a programme sent by the server to your computer. It makes it more convenient for you by allowing you to visit pages within a site without having to reintroduce yourself with each mouse click. If you are concerned about your privacy while visiting this site, please read our privacy policy.

The Newcastle Town Centre Business Improvement District website uses the following cookies:

Essential Session cookies are used to keep you logged into the website and allow the website to function properly.

Remember Me A cookie is stored to allow you to access your account without logging in again. Analytics Cookie Again to help try and improve the website we keep track of visitors to the website and what they do when they come to us, this information is collected by a third party company (Google).

Again there is no personal information collected and retained by this cookie, merely that someone has visited the website and that they looked at certain pages during that visit. Even though this information is anonymous it is incredibly useful to us when we try to improve the website.

To recap, none of our cookies contain any personal information about you and cannot be used to identify you. You can set your browser not to accept cookies, you will still be able to access the content but you will not be able to login to the website.

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